What Do We Do?


We take 3D data from your 3D ultrasound and use it to generate a figurine of your precious little angel.


Pregnancy is a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. Commemorate it with a unique keepsake that will last a lifetime.

The figurines we make are generated with the actual 3D volume data from your 3D ultrasound! They are NOT just representations derived from a photo, that somewhat "resemble" your baby.

 Why settle for a 3D or 2D Image?

When you can cradle and caress the actual features of your unborn child!

Ideal gifts for loved ones far away or for the visually impaired.

With your purchase, you will receive a figurine of your baby, the size of which is approximately 4"x3"x2" (Size may vary slightly). You will also get the opportunity to choose between a wooden box,  picture frame, or glass dome to display your figurine (depending on availability, boxes and frames may vary from those shown below).

Are you an ultrasound clinic who would like to offer our product at your location? Please contact us for more information

Any display type and in any color option for only $169.95     + Shipping

                                                             On sale for $129.95 + Shipping

You may select from a variety of colors for the fabric inside the box or the background in the picture frame. Available colors for either are:

                                  Aqua (as shown in box above)                                                            Light Blue (as shown in frame above)

                                  Light Yellow                                                                                                   Light Pink

                                  Light Green

In addition, you may select the color of your model. Available colors are Ivory, Cream, and Mocha as seen on right.